St Mark's United Church

We offer a welcome to everyone

Services for Christmas and New Year 2015

Christmas is a special time. It is special because of the love of God shown to all people through Jesus. The story of the vulnerable child reminds us of the whole of Jesus life and God's concern for all people.

ADVENT is the time of preparing for Christmas when Christians remember our need of the love of God shown in Jesus.

Our usual services at 11am in St Mark's, 22 Greenwich South St  continue every week. 

Christingle Service

Tuesday 22nd December 2015
Celebrate Christmas through building a Christingle.  This is a service for people of all ages and especially suitable for children. 4pm at St Mark's

Individuals, families and households of all shapes and sizes are welcome.Late night candle lit communion

Christmas Eve 11:30pm at St Mark's
A time to welcome Jesus' presence in the world through sharing bread and wine. This is a quieter service than some midnight communion giving us time to think and reflect.

Christmas Day all ages carol celebration
11am at St Mark's

A 45 minute time together celebrating Christmas young and old can sing carols and songs together. everyone is welcome.

New Year's Eve

11.00pm 31st December 2015

Service with a party atmosphere

Our buildings at St Mark's are accessible to people with disabilities and those with children in buggies. We are working hard to make it possible to include everyone in our worship if you have any special needs you would like to discuss please contact us and we'll do our best to help.