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We are a part of two national churches to find out about them please follow the links.

link to Methodist Church

link to United Reformed Church

you can find out more about the United Reformed Church in our Region here:

United Reformed Church Southern Synod

There are other organisations which you may wish to know more about:

The Urban Churches Support Group is a project of the United Reformed Church in the South of England supporting churches in all urban areas. Link


There are some other web sites which might interest you

the Christians on the Left  

What is Christians on the Left ? - (the new name for the Christian Socialist Movement)
Membership of CotL is open to all. CotL aims to enable Christians on the left to share ideas and encourage one another as we work to secure the changes we want in our communities, our society and our world. We publish pamphlets, a magazine (The Common Good), and hold regular conferences. We hold to the historic values of Christian Socialism, including reconciliation, peace and the redistribution of wealth, seeking to apply these to public policy. To enquire about joining CotL or to receive a complimentary copy of our magazine please contact

Our friends in the United States have a web site which might interest you is a site which encourages us to think about the way God is still challenging the churches